Privacy: Google also will comply with the Italian legislation

Google Privacy

The most popular search engine, Google, will take all measures to protect the privacy required by the Authority for the protection of personal data and will have to submit to periodic audits that provide screening the progress of work to adapt the platform to the national legislation.

The Authority approved the verification protocol (available HERE) provided in the measure adopted last July against Google following the inquiry opened in 2013, aimed at making the privacy policy of the American colossus According to national standards.

Under the protocol, the Authority will constantly monitor the changes that Google has made to the treatment of personal data of users who use the services offered by it, such as: email (Gmail), social networks (Google+), management payments online (Google Wallet), the spread of movies (YouTube) and maps online (Street View), statistical analysis (Google Analytics).

In summary, the most important measures that Google will have to implement by January 15, 2016 are as follows:

– the privacy policy will be accessible, clear and differentiated according to the services offered. Furthermore, the information must include details on the purposes and methods of treatment of user data, including the profiling done by the intersection of the data between different services, the use of cookies and other identifiers such as fingerprinting (a system that collects information on how to use the terminal by the user and stores directly from the company’s servers);

– informed consent of users who must first be required to profile those who use the services and will have to be guaranteed the right to object to the processing of personal data;

– storage and deletion of user data must be guaranteed. In particular, it must be guaranteed a certain timing for the deletion of data, both of those online as well as those stored on back-up systems;

– requests for removal of information from search results for users so they can monitor the conditions of application of the so-called right to be forgotten.

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