Italy increases the application for registration of trademarks and patents in Europe

OHIMFrom an article published in Il Sole 24 Ore we learn that Italy, despite the poor economic growth, continues to increase the application for registration of trademarks and patents, winning in the “top-20″ countries who deposit more, the second place for industrial design (behind only Germany and ahead of the US) and the fourth place for the brands (preceded only by the big ones: Germany, the US and the UK).

According to the European Agency OHIM (Ohmi) based in Alicante, Spain, responsible for registering trademarks and designs valid in all 27 EU countries, in the course of 2014 8% of the brands and over 10% of applications for registration of industrial designs, in Europe, were received from Italian companies.

As of today, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, they need to contact all those states who want to receive adequate protection in the EU, has received about 1.3 million applications for registration of Community trade from 192 countries and, since 2003, about 800 thousand applications for registered Community designs.

In particular, our country, since 1996, has filed well 105 thousand applications for registration of Community trade marks. Of these, 5% are trademarks belonging to 25 leading companies, representing, in particular: the financial and insurance sector for 31%, the food industry for 21%, the manufacturing linked to the transport sector to 7% and the field of rubber and plastic to 5%.

Instead, applications for registration of Community designs from Italy in the last decade have been well 111.161.

These data that detect that Italian companies, despite the recession and the difficulties related to the tax burden, higher than the eurozone average, they know to be highly innovative.

It should be noted, finally, that the OHIM has recently inaugurated a rapid procedure (so-called Fast Track) for applications for registration of trademarks. From now on, for filing a “fast” one would choose the products and services in the categories contained in the harmonized database, or a database of terms already approved by the agency and by all the national offices of intellectual property of the EU . Once received the payment for the registration, the OHIM will verify the validity of the mark, half the time for verification of compliance used to take 8-11 weeks.

Therefore, the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, reducing the preparatory stage, will be able to declare a registered trademark in just 3 months.

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