On-line purchases, published the warranty Decalogue

Decalogo acquisti online

Under Directive n. 2011/83/EU, implemented with the Italian Legislative Decree. N. 21/2014 which has made changes to the Consumer Code came into force last June, which introduces greater protection for consumers, was drafted the Decalogue Warranty for purchases made at a distance.
The main points of the text, which you can download HERE, are, in summary, the following:

  1. Stop in hidden charges and fees on the Internet;
  2. Increased price transparency;
  3. Prohibition of pre-ticked boxes on websites;
  4. Period of 14 days to change your mind on a purchase;
  5. More redemption rights;
  6. Introduction of a standard withdrawal form throughout the European Union;
  7. Elimination of surcharges for use of credit cards and telephone support;
  8. Clearer information on the costs of returning the goods;
  9. More protection for consumers in purchasing digital;
  10. More safeguards and standards for businesses.
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